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Punch bowl

ca. 1790
Origin: England, London
Diam: 6 78"; H 2 1/8"
Tin-glazed earthenware (delft).
Museum Purchase
Acc. No. 1978-32
Very shallow bowl with cylindrical foot ring. Bluish tin glaze decorated in blue: on the exterior, a large rose and floral spray on one side and an insect on the other; on the interior, a central flower sprig and a band of trellis diaper below the rim. On the base, a D or crescent-like mark.
Label:This ca. 1790 bowl is so shallow that it seems impractical for punch, but it illustrates dramatically the decline in the depth of late eighteenth-century punch bowls compared with those made early in the century. The D-shaped mark on the base may have been intended to be confused with the crescent mark that was used on Worcester porcelain at the time. The dark blue color and the decoration are typical of late London delft.