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Dark Green Wholecloth Quilt

Origin: America or England
Overall (L x W): 100 x 87in. (254 x 221cm) Other (Selvedge width of face): 29in. (73.7cm) Other (Selvedge width of lining): 26 1/2in. (67.3cm) 9 to 11 wool running stitches per inch
Museum Purchase
Acc. No. 1954-715
This rectangular quilt is made of dark green glazed wool in a twill weave lined with olive green unglazed wool in a napped plain weave. The batting, or filling, is made from wool fibers. It is quilted in a pattern of flowers, grapes, and paisley-shaped leaves growing from undulating stems. The two stems are almost symmetrical. Surrounding the vines is a scrolling border in a large, running feather pattern. There is another outer border of scalloped waves. The background quilting consists of diagonal lines. The face of the quilt is constructed from three 29”-wide panels; the backing fabric is constructed from three 26 ½”-wide panels and one 6 ½” wide panel.The edges of the quilt are turned toward the inside and stitched in place.
Label:Americans made wholecloth quilts using imported glazed worsted textiles, the latter given their sheen under heat and pressure applied by presses. At the same time, professionally made quilts were being imported by British merchants. It is not known whether this was made in America or imported.
Provenance:Purchased from Katharine P. Murphy, New York, New York, 1954.
Maker unidentified.