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Origin: America, probably Connecticut
Length: 35 1/2" excluding top binding; Skirt circumference: 102 1/2".
Wool (fabric, batting), linen ( thread, piecing)
Museum Purchase
Acc. No. 1951-445
Woman's petticoat of pink glazed worsted satin, quilted to blue and natural striped wool backing pieced out with white tabby linen and wool blanketing material. Design consists of exotic animal and birds, rendered with quilting to give skeletal effect, surrounded by scrolling leaves, all against a diagonally quilted background. The quilting continues all the way up to the waist, which is unusual. Two pocket slits approximately 8" down from waist. Hem and pocket slits bound with mustard yellow ribbed fabric (replacement). Quilting is done in spaced backstitches, giving irregular diagonal effect on the back in some areas. Waistband missing.

Construction History:
1. 1740-1760: Initial Construction
2. February 17, 1954: Ernest LoNano, Repair and Resoration, Patching of holes in petticoat and repair to waist area.
3. July 2, 1954: Ernest LoNano, additional repairs. Requested to turn in top edge and sew together.
Label:Petticoat, missing waistband
Probably Connecticut, 1740-1760
Fanciful animals and birds within twining foliage vibrate on a surface of bright rose wool. The use of two different backing fabrics suggests that this petticoat was made at home. Weighing more than five pounds, the petticoat is so thick and heavy that it must have been difficult to wear. Some of the old mending patches have faded over the years.
Technical information:
Worsted wool satin face fabric
Wool fiber filling
Wool and linen-wool plain-woven backing fabrics
11 to 16 linen backstitches per inch