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Petticoat, white cord quilted

Origin: England
H. 36'; W. 40".
Face fabric cotton; lining linen, cording cotton; quilting thread linen (all by microscope, 1991).
Museum Purchase
Acc. No. 1952-681
Woman's white cord quilted petticoat. Cotton plain-woven face fabric is quilted with linen back stitches to a backing of white plain-woven linen. Cotton cording fills the quilted channels to create the raised linear pattern. Upper portion of petticoat is quilted in scallops or scale pattern. Nine-inch border is quilted in vine pattern with flowers and pomegrantes. Garment is composed of 2 pieces stitched together at both sides. Two pocket slits bound with tape on either side are now sewn shut; rear placket opening is bound with tape, but left open. Waistband missing; later replaced drawstring added to waist.

Construction History:

1. 1750-1775: Initial construction
2. January 15, 1954: Repairs by Ernest LoNano.
England, 1750-1775
Cotton and linen
This cord-quilted petticoat could have been used as an under or outer garment. The cotton face fabric was stitched to a linen backing fabric using linen threads. Cotton cords were drawn through the stitched channels to serve as fillings. The uncorded areas do not have any fillings.