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Pocket, white cord quilted

Origin: Europe, possibly France, Marseilles
L: 12 3/4" x W: 7 3/4"
Cotton, cord quilted with linen
Anonymous gift
Acc. No. 1971-1584,1
A white cotton cord quilted pocket with flowering branches on both sides. #2 has flowering branches but not identical to #1.
England or Europe, possibly Marseilles, France, 1700-1750
Cotton with linen embroidery
Gift of an anonymous donor, 1971-1584, 1-2
This pair of cotton pockets was heavily embellished with linen knots and back stitches that created channels for cotton cords inserted from the back. The design was drawn on and the quilting worked to the exact shape of the pockets.
Provenance:Ex Coll: Tomlinson, Mrs. DeWitt Clinton Cohen