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Man's unmade waistcoat back and sleeves

ca. 1700
Origin: England
"Textiles & Costumes from the Permanent Collection", DeWitt Wallace Decorative Arts Museum, Summer 1986, like four to six months
Tabby linen embroidered with yellow silk through linen backing.
Museum Purchase
Acc. No. 1985-230,a-f
Unmade fragmentary sleeved waistcoat for a man, with unfinished embroidery in yellow silk in a design of exotic flowers and scrolling leaves, with a background of back-stitch vermicelli lines. The pieces consist of two upper sleeves and two under sleeves (these would be sewn together to form two complete sleeves) and two back pieces for a long, sleeved waistcoat. The unfinished needlework retains the inked designs on the front. Stitches: back, satin, buttonhole, chain, eyelets, and closely-spaced herringbone. Shape of two back pieces corresponds closely to sleeved waistcoat number 1991-478.

a) - right upper sleeve
b) - right under sleeve
c) - left back
d) - right back
e) - left upper sleeve
f) - left under sleeve
Label:Back and Sleeves from Man's Unfinished Waistcoat
England, ca. 1700
Linen, silk embroidery
1985-230, a-f
Ink outlines are still visible where the embroidery was not completed. The more highly decorated fronts are missing.