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Quilted Petticoat

1750-1775, remodeled 1840-1855
Origin: England
Length: 36 1/2"; Circumference: 34"
Pink-beige silk (Exterior), Cream Glazed Worsted (Lining), Beige Cotton (Hem Facing); Brown Cotton (Waistband)
Gift of Tasha Tudor
Acc. No. 2000-134
Woman's petticoat of pink-beige silk, quilted to cream glazed worsted using running stitches. The petticoat is eighteenth-century quilting, altered for wear in the late nineteenth century. The quilted design consists of swags, zig-zag lines, tight scrolls flowers and leaves. The waistline dips to point at center front, with skirt pleats directed toward front; center back fullness is tightly gathered, or guaged. Brown cotton waistband. One pocket slit from the eighteenth century remains open; the other is sewn shut. Hem faced with brown cotton.

Construction History:
1. 1750-1775: Initially Constructed
2. 1840-1855: New hem facing and waistband of cotton added. Center back seam altered, possibly to make the garment less full.
Provenance:From the collection of Tasha Tudor.