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Petticoat, quilted pink worsted

Origin: America, New England (probably)
OL: 39" including replaced waistband. Waist: 26 1/2"; Circumference of skirt: 94".
Wool (Microscopic exam Basch 1984); linen waistband (microscopic exam F. Carr 1/15/91); silk quilting thread.
Museum Purchase
Acc. No. 1955-241
Pink worsted satin petticoat quilted to blue and tan tabby worsted with heavy wool batting. Design consists of 16 1/2" wide band of scrolling flowers and feathered leaves around hem, with diamonds above to within 5" of waistband. Petticoat is pleated to blue and white striped linen 1" waistband (replaced). Two pocket slits on either side 10" down from waistband, bound in worsted twill tape. Waistband opens in back. Hem is bound in worsted twill tape. Stitch is spaced or half-backstitch, giving slanted effect on the reverse, typical of American New England petticoats.
New England, 1755-1775
Wool quilted with silk
The quilted pattern of the petticoat's border features bold scrolling flowers growing from a center-front stylized flower, all set against a background of diagonal parallel lines. Scrolling patterns with narrow diagonal backgrounds are typical of New England quilting.
Technical information:
Worsted wool satin face fabric
Wool fiber filling
Wool twill backing fabric, blue and yellow
16 silk spaced backstitches per inch in border area
11 silk running stitches per inch in upper portion