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Quilted Petticoat

Origin: England
Circumference: 122"; Length: 36"
Silk Tabby (Exterior), Wool Tabby (Back Lining), Wool Batting (Identified by Microscope); Cotton (Waistband); Silk Thread (Construction, Identified by Microscope)
Bequest of Grace Hartshorn Westerfield
Acc. No. 1974-269
Light blue silk petticoat in basket-weave material quilted to dark purple-blue worsted tabby backing and woolen batting. The upper three-quarters of the garment is quilted in a diamond pattern while the lower border section is patterned with undulating vines and stylized flowers, predominately tulips, against diagonal quilting lines. There are two pocket slits at sides. 1/8" of silk ribbon around bottom edge. Replaced waistband is narrow (1") band of natural-colored cotton. Quilted with running stitches.

Construction History:
1. 1740-1760: Initial Construction
2. Unknown Date: Pleats removed and replaced by gathers. Natural-colored cotton waistband added
England, 1740-1760
It is not known whether this petticoat was made by a professional quilter or by a woman in her home. Visible at the back is bold blue wool backing fabric and hanging threads and jumps from between stitching from one section to the other. Scrolling vines, trumpet-shaped flowers, and a ground of closely spaced diagonal lines are characteristic of early to mid-eighteenth century textile design.
Technical Information:
Silk ribbed weave face fabric
Wool fiber filling
Worsted wool plain-woven backing, glazed
Replaced cotton waistband
12 to 14 silk running stitches per inch
Provenance:Ex coll: Mrs. Jason Westerfield