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Quilted Petticoat Fragment

Origin: America, New England, probably Connecticut
Width:21"; Length: 35"
Museum Purchase
Acc. No. 1967-510,1
Rectangular fragment of quilted petticoat or coverlet in bright red glazed wool backed with mustard wool, with wool batting. Quilted with back stitches in yellow. Top diamonds, bottom half quilted in florals, twin stags, squirrel, birds in trees, man facing woman carrying fan. Pocket slit sewn closed. Modern hems, faced with tape.

Construction History:
1. 1745-1760: Initial Construction
2. The hem and facing of red tape was done later.
Label:Fragment of Petticoat
Connecticut, 1745-1760
Although only small fragments survive, this must have been a striking petticoat when it was new. In this panel, a squirrel bends over an acorn, completely out of scale with a pair of deer and a bird. At the far right, a man greets a woman who holds a fan.
Provenance:Ex. Coll Katherine Prentis Murphy, estate of.
Maker unidentified.