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Small cord quilted cover

Origin: Europe, France
30" w x 33" h
Linen quilted with linen thread and corded with cotton; linen lace; cotton extension fabric. Lace and extension sewn on with cotton.
Gift of Anonymous Donors
Acc. No. 1971-1340
Small quilted cover worked in white on white cord quilting. Bobbin lace (Mechlin) border; extension of cotton dimity at top edge. Pattern of quilting consists of border in three sides in scrolling vines. Center of quilt has flowering scrolling vines with turkey in center, flanked at outer edges by unicorns and birds, at bottom center a running stag.
Label:Layette Quilt
Europe, probably Marseilles, France, 1720-1740
Linen, linen needlework, cotton cords, and linen bobbin lace
Gift of an anonymous donor, 1971-1340
The back stitched corded areas delineate a running deer, double-headed eagles, exotic birds, unicorns, and a turkey, all amidst a profusion of scrolling flowers and knots.
Provenance:Ex coll: Mrs. DeWitt Clinton Cohen.