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Wool Quilt Fragment

Origin: America
13 1/2" x 16"
Wool (fiber identification by microscope)
Gift of Mrs. Hal Sandy.
Acc. No. 1974-55,4
This is one of nine pieces of a green wool quilt that had been cut apart to use as upholstery and were later removed. The face fabric is plain-woven worsted. The original quilt had a wide border of undulating leafy vines, or "feathers," with a circular abstracted flower in each corner. The background of the border was filled with parallel quilted lines. The center was quilted in a geometric pattern of squares on point filled with alternating four-petal flowers and parallel lines arranged in diagonals and meeting to form corners. The quilting is worked with six to seven green wool running stitches per inch. The backing is a golden tan plain-woven wool, and the quilt batting is wool. This rectangular piece comes from the original quilt's center geometric design.
Label:Whole-Cloth Quilt Fragments
America, 1760-1800
Gift of Mrs. Hal Sandy, 1974-55, 4-5
These fragments were originally a bed quilt that was later cut up and used as chair upholstery.
Provenance:Originally a quilt, which was later used as upholstery; the donor removed it from a "Quaker courting rocker".