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Petticoat, quilted green satin

Origin: England
L: 29"; Waist: 24"
Silk satin; tabby worsted backing; green wool batting.
Museum Purchase
Acc. No. 1953-435
Petticoat of dark green silk satin, quilted in running stitches to white glazed wool backing. Design consists of zig-zag lines and lily-type flowers. Pocket slits on both sides; pleated to wide replaced waistband. Glazed worsted lining has seams overlapped at selvages and stitched with running stitches. Woolen batting is dyed green.

Construction History:

1. 1760-1780: Initial Construction
2. March 19, 1956: Cleaning, checking, restoring by Ernest LoNano.
England, 1760-1780
Silk, wool, replaced cotton waistband
Typical of professionally designed and quilted petticoats, this one has quickly worked sparse motifs that occur repeatedly in other examples from the period. The glazed worsted backing textile has been overlapped at the selvage edges and was held together with long basting stitches instead of being neatly seamed. This technique speeded the assembly of the layers prior to quilting.
Technical information:
Silk satin face fabric
Wool fiber filling, dyed green
Worsted wool plain-woven backing, glazed
13-15 silk running stitches per inch