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Origin: America, Massachusetts (worn in)
Original Waist: approx. 34", later changed to 30" with tucks; Length: 37"
Silk (fabric, binding), wool (lining, batting)
Gift of Tibo van der Does
Acc. No. 2007-105
Hand-quilted woman's petticoat of blue silk satin with thin wool batting and cream glazed wool backing (the wool fabric was called tammy). The pattern consists of scrolling flowers, including tulips, sunflowers, and pointed buds to form a border. Above the border is a pattern of pointed arches ending in three-lobed flowers. Waistband made of green tape, probably silk fiber.
England, worn in America, 1760-1780
Gift of Tibo van der Does
According to family history, a Massachusetts woman from the Osgood family wore this English-made petticoat. American merchants and milliners imported thousands of fashionable English quilted petticoats in the eighteenth century.
Technical information:
Silk satin face fabric
Wool fiber filling
Worsted wool plain-woven backing, glazed
11 to 13 silk running stitches per inch

Provenance:Descinded in the Osgood - Willis Family. Possibly Worn by Mary Ball Willis.