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Fruit Dish

ca. 1765
Origin: England, Staffordshire
Diam: 10 3/4" OH: 1 3/8"
Stoneware, salt-glazed, white
Gift funds from Dr. and Mrs. Gary Russollilo (Petrina)
Acc. No. 1988-496
Press-molded, pierced white salt-glazed stoneware dish inscribed "Fruit Dishes" on the reverse. Press-molded with foliate scrolls, diaper, and basket patterns; the eight-lobes pierced.
Label:If it were not for this exceedingly rare example, the appearance of the fruit dishes so often mentioned in conjunction with bread baskets in colonial inventories would remain a mystery. “Fruit Dishes” was inscribed on the bottom of this object while the clay was
still damp, thus telling us its intended use.

Examples of this form are known in white salt-glazed stoneware (like this one), creamware, green-glazed refined earthenware, and tortoiseshell-colored earthenware.
Provenance:From Lindsay Grigsby Antiques, Richmond, VA
Inscription(s):"Fruit Dishes"