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"Doglock" Musket

Origin: America or England
Overall length: 58 1/8" Barrel: 42 1/16" x .82 caliber Lock: 6 3/4"
Maple, iron, steel and brass
Museum Purchase
Acc. No. 1961-36
Commercial doglock musket with octagon to round barrel. Stocked to the muzzle in maple, with flat lock held by three sidenails. Barrel tang screw comes from underneath and is supported by the front finial of the iron triggerguard. Brass mounts include the nailed-on buttplate and one baluster rammer pipe (the other now missing). Iron rammer is not original to the piece.
Label:Before standardized, government-issued muskets appeared, regiments were armed at the whim of their commanding officer. One of the many options available on the commercial market were “doglock” muskets like this one. Fitted with a hook or “dog” safety catch behind the cock, these arms were widely used in the American colonies between 1690 and 1740.
Mark(s):The maker's signature "W. Brazier" is struck into the lockplate below the pan. On the breech of the barrel are London "View" and "Proof" marks along with Brazier's mark of a "Crown" over "WB."