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French Model 1754 Naval Musket

Origin: France, St. Étienne
Overall length: 62 1/2"
Walnut, iron, steel and brass.
Museum Purchase
Acc. No. 1935-211
Musket of regulation form for the Model of 1754, with brass mounts. Middle barrel band, triggerplate and lower sling swivel boss of iron. Both sling swivels missing. Octagon to round .80 caliber barrel with underneath bayonet lug set back of muzzle. Replacement rammer of incorrect trumpeted form.
Label:Other than being brass-mounted, this arm is identical to the Model 1754 Infantry musket, indicating it was made for sea service at this time. It’s “cow’s foot” buttstock, large lock and furniture are identical to those found on the earlier army muskets, including the Models of 1717, 1728 and 1746. By the time this pattern went into production, the sling swivels had been moved to the bottoms of the triggerguard and middle barrel band; previously, they had been affixed to the left side, opposite the lock. Many muskets of this form were captured during the French & Indian War, and pressed into use within the Anglo-American forces.
Mark(s):Lockplate marked with "St. ETIENNE" below a fleur-de-lis flanked by "S" and "E." Other indistinct marks on breech, including another fleur-de-lis flanked by "S" and "E."