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Commercial "doglock" pistol

Origin: Great Britain, England, London
OL: 18 1/4" Barrel: 11 3/4" x .58 caliber
Walnut, Iron, steel and brass
Museum Purchase
Acc. No. 1979-33
Commercial military/sea service pistol with flat, bridleless dog-lock, round barrel and brass mounts. Tailpipe and triggerplate omitted.
Label:Military pistols of many different sorts were available for sale in early 18th century Britain. At one end of the spectrum were the well-finished pieces built with all the best mechanical and structural features available. On the other end were cheap pistols like this one, omitting some of the features found on better arms. Around the time this pistol was made, more robust versions of the general form were made for service in the Royal Navy, but included a plain, flat lock. The "dog" catch behind the cock of this pistol was an early form of a safety, and was obsolete on British firearms by about 1750.
Mark(s):Barrel struck with London Proof and View marks in addition to the partially struck mark of Joseph Buckmaster (a solid heart over 'IB').