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Model 1768 Infantry Musket

Origin: France, Charleville
OL: 59 1/4"; Barrel: 44 3/4"
Iron, steel and walnut
Museum Purchase
Acc. No. 1960-186
Standard Model 1768 musket: walnut stock; cylindrical barrel fastened to upper part of stock by 3 iron bands; all bands held in place by springs set to rear of bands; iron rammer with trumpet head set into channel at bottom of stock and held in place by bands; sling swivels attached to bottom of center band and immediately to front of trigger guard; iron and steel lock; iron, slightly S-shaped sideplate on opposite side of lock; iron butt plate with short tang.
Label:Minor changes to the earliest M-1763 design resulted in this version, with a reduced buttstock, a lower barrel band retaining spring and a top-of-the barrel bayonet lug position. Though French army muskets were made at one of three Royal manufactories, for an unknown reason they all were referred to as “Charleville muskets” as early as the 18th century.
Mark(s):An "MRx" monogram is carved into the lock side of the buttstock.
Inscription(s):"Charleville" is engraved on the lockplate forward of the cock.