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Model 1774 Infantry Musket

Origin: France, Charleville
Length; 59 1/2"
Iron, steel and walnut
Museum Purchase
Acc. No. 1984-255
Standard Model 1774 musket: walnut stock; cylindrical barrel fastened to upper part of stock by 3 iron bands; all bands held in place by springs set to rear of bands; iron rammer with button head set into channel at bottom of stock and held in place by bands; sling swivels attached to bottom of center band and immediately to front of trigger guard; rouned iron and steel lock with rounded pan; iron, slightly S-shaped sideplate on opposite side of lock; iron butt plate with short tang.
Label:After 1770, French muskets began to assume a form used by many nations until well into the 19th century. With a rounded lockplate this pattern resembles the cutting-edge Model 1777, believed to have been carried by the French regular soldiers fighting here late in the Revolution. However, this musket bears a deep UNITED STATES brand, showing that it belonged to the Continental Army.
Mark(s):UNITED STATES is branded into the lock side of the buttstock.
Inscription(s):"Charleville" is engraved on the lockplate forward of the cock.