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Musket - Fowler

Origin: Europe and America
OL: 56 1/2"; L(barrel): 41"
Iron, steel, brass, maple and ash
Museum Purchase
Acc. No. 1961-131
Fowling piece: curly maple stock with sharp drop at buttstock, made without a buttplate or sideplate, but with a brass noseband; octagon to round barrel; wooden ramrod held by 2 brass thimbles, the top one decorated with stamped coat of arms; flat iron lock with an iron trigger guard. Brass band added behind the entry point of the rammer channel, perhaps to prevent splitting.
Label:Stocked in American curly maple, this musket has a drooping French styled buttstock known as a “pied a vache,” or “cow’s foot.” Other French features of the piece include the lock and barrel from a commercial musket of the sorts made for sea service or colonial use. Though not configured to mount a sling or a socket bayonet, this musket is representative of those individually-owned muskets used for hunting and militia duties.
Mark(s):Front thimble stamped with a coat of arms.