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"Queen Anne" Screw-Barrel Carbine

ca. 1730-1740
Origin: Britain, London
Overall: 39 1/4" Barrel: 23 5/8" x .66 caliber (across lands)
Walnut, iron and steel.
Museum Purchase
Acc. No. 1960-745
Coaching or horseman's screw-barrel carbine built in a manner identical to the "Queen Anne" pistols of the day. Integrally forged lock, breech and grip strap, all of which are engraved. Plain buttstock with a prominent comb and an engraved buttplate. Barrel is rifled, with 16 lands and grooves and a cannon-turned muzzle. Joining the barrel to the frame is a removable ring and slide-bar mechanism, which functions much like a "universal joint" when loading the carbine.
Label:Clearly based on the popular "Queen Anne" screw-barrel pistol of the day, this rifled carbine is a great rarity. By lengthening the barrel, fortifying the breech and adding a buttstock, the clever gunsmith Hutchinson created a beautiful, graceful and powerful defensive firearm. Meant for use while traveling, this breech-loading carbine fired a ball which was slightly larger than its bore, and really packed a wallop.

Once owned by the Earls of Dunmore, this example is one of three similar "Queen Anne" screw-barrel carbines from their gun cabinet, which are now in the collection of Colonial Williamsburg.
Provenance:The gun cabinet of the Earls of Dunmore to W. Keith Neal.
Mark(s):The barrel carries the usual London Gunmaker's Company "View & Proof" marks, plus the "Crowned F" foreigner's mark.
Inscription(s):The Dunmore crest engraved on the wrist plate, and the barrel is engraved W. HUTCHINSON.