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Cavalry Pistol

Origin: America, Virginia, Falmouth
Overall length: 16" Barrel: About 9" x .68 caliber
Iron, steel, walnut and brass
Museum Purchase
Acc. No. 1978-236
Cavalry pistol based on the British Pattern 1759 "Elliot's" Light Dragoon Pistol. The lock is flat in section, and is a working life replacement of the right type. Walnut stock has seen extensive damage and repair.
Label:As the Rappahannock Forge muskets were patterned after the Brown Bess, Hunter’s cavalry pistols were copied from their British counterpart, the Pattern 1759 Elliot Light Dragoon pistol. The flat lock on this poorly preserved example is a replacement, but takes the basic form of the original. Engraved on the barrel is the name I. HUNTER.
Provenance:Purchased by Col. Reuben A. Baxter in 1932 at a sale of material from the family of Walter Strickland, of Suwanee, Georgia. According to Mr. Strickland's widow, this pistol had been stolen and dropped down a well, only to be found when the well was cleaned, thus accounting for its poor condition.
Inscription(s):Engraved "I.HUNTER" on top of the barrel near the breech.