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Rifle, other

Origin: America, Southeast, Virginia, Tidewater/Piedmont
OL: 56 3/4"
Black walnut, iron, steel, brass, silver
Museum Purchase
Acc. No. 1986-240
Walnut-stocked long rifle made in the style of an English fowling piece. Full-stocked with tapered and flared octagonal barrel mounted with floral motif, relief decorated silver rear sight and silver blade front sight. Stock is carved with border around barrel tang terminating in shell, tattered- shell design to front of cheek piece and similar design and incised floral design to rear of cheek piece. Lock has convex plate with double-cut border and engraved floral design. Brass mounts: trigger guard in fowler style with engraved panoply of arms on bow, double-cut border, relief chiseled scroll and leaf front finial. Brass butt plate has 3-stage tang engraved with panoply of arms. Escutcheon inlaid in wrist has an oval field with scroll border terminating in shell and scroll/leaf designs. Sideplate engraved with panoply of arms, double-cut border, and floral motifs. All panoplies are same design with boar's head and weapons. Wooden patch box cover with brass end, latch spring, and carved in fielded design with three gouge cuts at butt end and central floral motif.