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Teapot and cover

Origin: England, Chelsea
OH: 6 3/4"; OW: 4 1/2"; H. without cover: 5 6/16"; H. of spout: 5 3/16"; H. with cover: 6 3/4".
Soft-paste porcelain
Museum Purchase
Acc. No. 1962-98,A&B
A white teapot in the form of a fat Asian man with feet crossed and stomach and chest bare. His hands hold a snake which is curled around the gnarled tree that forms the loop handle, and curves around the right side of the pot to form a projecting spout. The cover is in the form of a conical hat with fruit and leaves as the finial. Incised triangle under glaze on base.
Label:Molded as a squatting Asian man, this teapot has a snake forming the spout, a handle in the form of twisted branches, and a conical hat-form lid. It is less rare that Chelsea’s Asian-man-and-parrot teapot (see CWF accession 1962-83), for at least two are in other prominent museum collections--the British Museum and the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston--and others are held in private collections.

Other vessels in the form of squatting Asian men include tea jars and incense burners. As these forms require no spout, they are more reminiscent of the many blanc de chine figures of Pu-tai Ho-shang.
Provenance:Ex-coll: Wallace Elliot; M. G. Kaufman (K35).
Mark(s):Incised triangle underglaze on base.