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Margaret Kosten Standing by Car

Origin: America, Michigan
Overall: 3 3/8 x 2 3/8in. (8.6 x 6cm) and Other (image ): 3 1/16 x 2 1/8in. (7.8 x 5.4cm)
Photographic image on paper
Gift of Mrs. Arlene Quick in memory of her parents, Albert J. and Ida W. Tonn
Acc. No. 2005.510.3
A portrait-format photographic image of a relatively young, stout (or pregnant?) woman standing beside the rear end of a car on the bank of a body of water, a frame structure being visible on the far shore. The woman appears to wear a simple, light-colored cotton dress with dark stockings. She either wears a tight-fitting cap or her hair is pulled tightly across her forehead.

Photographer unidentified.
Label:This is the only image known of Margaret (or "Mag" or "Maggie") Kosten, the wife of the caretaker hired by artist Steve Harley (1863-1947) to help run his Mason County, Michigan, farm. Mag Kosten lived with Harley for a number of years.
Provenance:AARFAM's donor, Arlene Tonn Quick, knew both Margaret Kosten and Steve Harley. Presumably Kosten gave this photo directly to Quick or to Quick's parents, Albert J. and Ida W. Tonn, who, in turn, gave it to Quick.
Inscription(s):In brown ink in script on the reverse is, "Do I look natural/I have lost 25 lbs/since Steve left only/weigh 167 lb. now." Also on the reverse, in graphite and in a different hand, is "Miss Koston [sic]". Also on the reverse, stamped in blue ink, is the number, "22", apparently a photographic processing number.