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Woven Doublecloth Coverlet

Origin: America, New Jersey, Bergen County
OW: 69 1/4"; H w/out fringe 87 1/2", OH w/ fringe 89"
Blue wool warp and weft; indigo blue wool warp and weft in double weave technique
Gift of Mrs. Frederick S. Nobbs
Acc. No. 2003.609.9
This coverlet is woven in a double weave technique with blue wool warps and wefts. The coverlet is made up of two loom widths joined with a center seam. It has a rolled hem at top (turned to light side of coverlet) and self-fringe at bottom.
The corner block consists of small diamond motifs. The outer border is made up of geometric designs of diamonds and pine trees, with an inner border of wide and thin pine trees. The centerfield has a geometric design in a variation of the snowball motif alternating with a square block composed of sixteen diamond-like motifs.
Label:It is rare that unsigned geometric-patterned doublecloth coverlets can be attributed to an identified professional weaver. Similar patterns such as "snowballs" and "pine trees" were available to professional and domestic weavers up and down the east coast. This coverlet, however, is securely attributed to the professional weaver David Haring through its association with the Haring family and the similarity of the yarns to a signed example. Coverlets entirely woven in indigo-dyed blue wool yarns are characteristic of some New Jersey weavers. The coverlet descended through Eliza Haring's family along with a signed Haring coverlet and a geometric patterned one.
Provenance:This coverlet along with two others--one of which is marked "David Haring"--descended in the family of David Haring to Mrs. Jean Nobbs, a descendant of David Haring.
Mark(s):No marks.
Inscription(s):No inscription.