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Pieced Delectable Mountains Signature Album Quilt

Origin: America, New Jersey, Bridgeton
OH: 102" X OW: 100" irregular (259 x 254 cm)
Plain and printed cottons; ink inscriptions
Gift of Mr. & Mrs. Alexander Purves and Helen Ogden Barnard (Mrs. John R.)
Acc. No. 1990.609.3
This is an almost-square signature quilt pieced together from printed and white cottons in a design of repeating jagged "hills" or triangles set in diagonal rows, in a pattern known as Delectable Mountains. The quilt features 169 signed blocks with hand-written names, greetings, and sayings. The signatures, which suggest that the quilt was made for or by Mrs. Curtis Ogden, range in date from 1839 to 1847. One block reads, "This Bedquilt commenced in 1839/ And finished in 1847." The places mentioned include Bridgeton; Philadelphia, Pa.; Camden, N. J.; Vienna Cross Roads, Ohio; Baker County, Ga.; Mansfield, Ohio; New Germantown, N. J.; Orange County, N. Y.; and others. The quilt was finished by turning the front to the back and stitching it in place. Two sides were left unfinished with the raw edges of the fabric exposed and now bound with modern conservation edging. The quilt is backed with white cotton. The quilting is worked with cotton running stitches at 7 to 8 stitches per inch, following the outlines of the piecing.
Label:An echoing theme of autograph quilts, such as this one, is the sentimental plea to be remembered. Seven of the 169 signed blocks that form the geometrically constructed peaks and valleys of this "Delectable Mountains" quilt request remembrance. Organized and stitched together by Ruth Ogden, the signatures suggest that she may have been planning a move. Most were signed by Ruth, family members, and friends, some of whom lived as far away as Ohio and Georgia. Twelve of the blocks contain male signatures, although it is most likely that the blocks themselves were created by female friends or relatives. However, one quilt block appears to have been made by a stranger; it is inscribed: "Dear Mrs Odgen/ I have not the pleasure of a/ personal acquaintance yet I have taken/ the liberty of sending a small token of love/ Eliza P. Grunzebach/ Pelham August 7th 1844."
Provenance:The quilt descended through the family to Mr. and Mrs. Alexander Purves and Helen Odgen Barnard (Mrs. John R. Barnard) who donated it to the museum in 1990.
Inscription(s):Signatures and place names on the quilt are Sarah Westcott, Bridgeton; Henry Charles Ogden, Philadelphia; Elisha S. Barrath, Ohio; M. S. Hann; Susan Lukens; Mary Elmer, Bridgeton; Agnes G. Mills, Bridgeton; Ursulla Slosvc[?]; Carline M. Titsworth, Shilo[h?]; M. B. Sheppard, Camden, NJ; Charles Ogden Barratt, Vienna Cross Roads, OH; Martha E. Elmer, Bridgeton; Ruth S.[?] Barrath; Mariah Swinney; Susan H. Nichols; David Swinney, Manayunk; Anna Lake Jenkins, Camden, NJ; Mrs. Rebecca Ann Lupton, Bridgeton; Andrew Jenkins; Therisa Wilson, Bridgeton; Maria O. Harra Lupton; Rosannah J. Swinney, Albany, GE; Jane O. Leake; Lydia Jenkins, Camden, NJ; Elizabeth Wood, Philadelphia; Eunice A. Swinney; Sarah Chatman; Andrew J. Swinney, Baker County, GA; Rachel S. Barratt, Bowentown; Ellen T. Taylor; Rebecca Mills; the Reverend Charles E. Wilson, Bridgeton; Daniel J. Swinney, Mansfield, OH; E. B. Westcott; Margaret Jane Swinney, Manayunk; E. H. Swinney; Carolene E. [W?]ood, Philadelphia; Janetta C. Swinney; Mrs. Abigail Murphey; Hannah Ann Barrath, Bowentown; E. Eliza Wilson, Bridgeton; Sarah E. Hunt; Fanny H. Jeffers; Mrs. Eliza Keiser, New Germantown, NJ; Abigail M. Ogden, Philadelphia; Jonathan Ogden, Philadelphia; Willis L. Ogden; Caroline Murphey, Philadelphia; Martha Murphey, Philadelphia; Mary Frances Murphey, Philadelphia; Ann Elizabeth Swinney, Shilo[h?]; Mrs. Ogden, Bridgeton; Mary Wilson, Bridgeton; Ethan B. Swinney, Hopewell; Sarah Seeley; Sarah L. Smalley, Plainfield, NJ; Mary Budd Smalley, Bowentown; Hannah F. Smalley, Plainfield, NJ; W. A. Roy, Imlaystown; M. G. Hawns[?], Bridgeton; Martha N. Jeffers; Mrs. Harriet Roy; Charles E. Wilson Jr.; Margaretta C. Little, Bridgeton; Curtis Ogden; Clarissa Ann Whitaker; Charles Seeley Fithian; Jane Fithian; A.[?] H. Burt; Ruth B. Ogden; Henry S. Ogden, Philadelphia; Maria W. Smalley, New Rochelle; Mary E. Smalley, Brooklyn; Mrs. Mary G. Breuster[?], Bridgeton; Mrs. Harriet Davis Seeley; Sarah J.[?] Little, Bridgeton; Phebe Holmes McBride; Eleanor Harris; Abigail Whitaker; Eliza E. Sheppard; Ephraim Sheppard; Mrs. Harriet [S?]Heppard; Cornelia Burt; Sara B. Sheppard; Jane L. Bush, Salem; Hannah Barker; Ruth S. Davis, Philadelphia; Eleanor Matilda Fithian; Mrs. Clarissa A. Swinney, Manayunk, PA; Phebe V. Swinney; Mary Louisa Phippen, Newburg, Orange County, NY; Charles Henry Brewster; Emeline Fuller, Bridgeton; Mrs. Rachel Whitaker; Jane M. Westcott; Cynthia Lupton; Ruth H[?]iller; Jane Davis, Shilo[h?], Columbia Township; Mrs. Ruth B. Ogden, Bridgeton; William and Anne Lynn, Newark, NJ; Rebecca S. Gitsworth, Bridgeton; Ann Dempsey; Mary T.[?] Seeley; Mrs. Hannah Sheppard; Eliza F. Swinney; Mary G. Brewster; A. G. Hardy, Hopkinton, NH; Elisha Swinney, New Holland, PA; Robert Curtis Ogden, Philadelphia; Ann Maria Bath[?], Salem; Anna Matilda Crane, Bridgeton; the Reverend Charles J. Hopkins, Bridgeton and New York City; Sarah Jane Duffel; Nathaniel Reeve, Bridgeton; Harriet Holmes; Margarett M.[?] Satheld[?], Bridgeton; Lewis O. H[?]arrison; Lydia W. Dare, Bridgeton; Eliza P. Grunzebach[?], Pelham; Mary S. Johnston; Ruth S. Davis; Helen Maria Ogden, Philadelphia; A. E. Heilig; Hannah Burns[?]; Rhoda Harris; Maria D. Barber; Martha L.[?] Bush; Ellen M. Westcott; Lydia Garrison; John and Jane Sibley, Vine Street, Philadelphia; Sarah Sibley, Louisville, KY; Lydia B. Tomlinson, Bridgeton; Mary Johnston; Jane H. Swinney, New Holland, PA; Susan[?] M. Hopkins, Bridgeton; Sarah V. Hopkins, Bridgeton; Sarah Parvin; E. B. Fithian; Jane Bush; Hannah M. Simkins, Bridgeton; Curtis Ogden Jr.; Jane B. Barber; Mary A. Parvin, Bridgeton; Mary Elizabeth Lanning; Sarah H. Buesk[?]; Miss Prudence Riley; Ruth Ogden Swinney, Manayunk; Hannah P. Thompson; Jane W. Smalley, New Rochelle; Margaret Holmes, Bowentown; Thomas W. Stalling, Bridgeton; Elizabeth M. Reeve, Bridgeton; Elisabeth Hann; Elisa Cleaver, Bridgeton; Willson A Burrows; Mrs. Rachel Wood, Philadelphia; Henry L. Smalley, Bowentown; Sarah Cleaver, Bridgeton; Tabitha Smalley; Miss Mary Garrison, Philadelphia; John and Ann Heilig; and Ruth B. Ogden.