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Continental Currency "Dollar" Medal

Origin: Britain, London (possibly)
Diameter: 39 mm
Gift of the Lasser Family
Acc. No. 2002-77,8
Obv. - Sun at 10:00 shining on a sundial within a dentiled border. CONTINENTAL CURRENCY 1776 around edge, FUGIO (I fly) within the ring surrounding sundial with MIND YOUR BUSINESS in exergue below.

Rev. - Endless chain of 13 links within a beaded border. Each link of the chain inscribed with the name of one of the original 13 colonies. In center, AMERICAn. CONGRESS within a radiant circle with WE ARE ONE in e lines within the inner space.

Edge - Milled
Label:Recent scholarship has shown that the so-called "Continental Dollars" of 1776 are not circulating, Revolutionary American coins. Produced around 1783, possibly in London, these pieces are inexpensive commemorative medals which carry designs borrowed from the February 17, 1776 fractional bills issued by the Continental Congress. At the time, the pewter examples sold for sixpence a piece.

Breen #1092, Newman 2-C
Provenance:Stack's, Laird Park (5-26-76, lot 111)