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Continental Currency, Eight Dollars

May 10, 1775.
Origin: America, Pennsylvania, Philadelphia
OW: 2 3/4" OH: 2 1/2"
Paper & ink
Gift of the Lasser family
Acc. No. 1994-210,17
Continental currency. "The United Colonies EIGHT DOLLARS. SEVEN DOLLARS. THIS Bill entitles the Bearer to receive EIGHT SPANISH Milled DOLLARS, or the Value thereof in GOLD or SILVER, according to the resolutions of the CONGRESS, held at Philadelphia, the 10th of May, 1775. VIII DOLLARS."
Label:Trained as a printer, Benjamin Franklin got his first commission to print paper money in 1731. By 1739, the notes he was producing for the colony of Pennsylvania were double sided, and they included a naturalistic representation of a different leaf on the reverse of each denomination. Produced by a complicated secret process, Franklin's "nature prints" were used as an attractive anti- counterfeiting device on the backs of a number of different colonies' notes, and those of the Continental Congress, until around 1780.
Mark(s):Signatures: "Jas Milligan, James Read" Serial No. "47589"