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France, Ecu "Carambole aux Insignes"

1702 - W
Origin: Europe, France
Diameter: 48 mm
Gift of the Lasser family.
Acc. No. 1998-252,117
Coin, Ecu Carambole aux Insignes; W; Lille; Major Rarity
Label:The selection of coins in your average American's pocket is limited and slightly dull. From one day to the next, we see more or less the same pennies, nickels, dimes and quarters accepted as currency in the U.S. During the colonial period, however, there was a vast array of coins circulating both around the world and in America.

One way to judge a coin is by its size, and during the 1607 to 1783 period the span from largest to smallest was huge. At slightly less than two inches in diameter, this ecu of King Louis XIIII was a French "silver dollar," and is the largest coin in Colonial Williamsburg's collection. Its design is only one of many employed by the French mints of the colonial period for silver ecus.

The "W" below the device on the reverse tells us this coin was struck at the Lille mint.

Gadoury - 222
Provenance:Hinderling 12/13/90