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Brazil, 20,000 Reis

1724 (with 1847 counterstamp)
Origin: Brazil, Minas Gerais
Diameter: 38 mm
Gift of the Lasser Family
Acc. No. 2000-145,7
Coin, 20,000 Reis, Minas Gerais, John V. 1724 with Portugese counterstamp of 1847 raising value to 30,000 Reis.
Label:Worth 20,000 reis, this Brazilian gold coin contains more than an ounce and a half of pure gold. As the most valuable circulating coin during the period, one of these would have paid four months' salary of a journeyman artisan in Virginia right before the Revolutionary War.

This example received a Portuguese counterstamp in 1847, effectively raising its value by 50% to 30,000 reis.
Provenance:Joseph R. Lasser Collection. Coin Galleries, 5/25/1995.