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Coin, 8 Escudos

Origin: Sub-America, Peru, Lima
Diameter: 31 mm
Gift of the Lasser family
Acc. No. 1997-311,42
Coin, Eight Escudos, 1725 M.
Label:Technically a nickname, the term "doubloon" refers to the largest circulating Spanish or Spanish colonial gold coin, worth 8 escudos, or about $15 to $16, depending where you were. Struck at a number of different mints, there were two basic types of doubloons. The earlier type, like this coin, was known as a "cob," was somewhat blobby, irregularly shaped and crude. The later sort was referred to as "milled," meaning it was round in shape, had a fancy edge, and was generally well made.
Provenance:Ponterio, 8/27/1987.