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Tall case clock

Origin: America, New Jersey, Hackensack or Elizabethtown
OH: 92"; OW: 19 1/2"; OD: 10 3/4"
Mahogany, tulip poplar, white pine, oak dark and light wood inlays; glass, brass, steel and iron
Museum Purchase
Acc. No. 1993-441,A&B
Tall case clock. The bonnet with a molded swan's neck pediment ending in pressed brass disks centering a ball-and-spire brass finial above an S-shaped plinth with alternating dark wood and light wood vertical inlay above a two-part inverted triangle of light and dark inlay placed in the center of the arched molding above the clockface door, flanked by brass ball-and-spire finials with alternating dark and light wood vertical inlay below, the arched, hinged and glazed veneered door with molding above, opening to a white-painted metal dial with a pair of blue birds and foliage painted in the reserve, the geometric spandrels painted in red, yellow and gold enclosing a dial painted with Roman and Arabic numerals and with seconds indicator and calendar date and with inscription "William Dawes / Hackensack.", all flanked by fluted columns with upper and lower brass capitals, arched windows are centered in the sides of the bonnet, the case below with alternating light and dark wood vertical inlay above a shaped door with a central inlaid urn and floral oval surrounded by light and dark wood oval stringing, all flanked by fluted quarter columns, above an inlaid oval with central light and dark wood flower motif surrounded by light and dark wood boxed checking and stringing creating a horizontal rectangular panel, the box base below with central light and dark wood inlaid conch shell surrounded by a circle of light and dark wood stringing and a square of light wood stringing with inset corners surrounds the circle, the molded plinth on straight bracket feet.
Label:According to the handwritten label inside the case, this clock was purchased by Albert Zabriskie for $65 in 1810. Albert C. Zabriskie appears to have been the most likely owner, as he lived Hackensack, New Jersey, the same town named on the dial of the clock. When he died in 1841 he left his "Eight-day Clock," valued at $20, to his son Christian.

The clockmaker William Dawes was a silversmith and clockmaker who lived in Elizabethtown (now Elizabeth), New Jersey. His wife, Sarah Miller, was the granddaughter of the Elizabethtown clockmaker Aaron Miller. In 1804 Dawes advertised in the JERSEY JOURNAL, "GOLD AND SILVERSMITHS. The subscribers take this method of informing the Public that they have entered into a line of their profession under the firm of Dawes and Woodruff in Elizabeth Town...where they carry on the different branches of CLOCK AND WATCH-MAKING and SILVER PLATING on the most accomodating terms..." The inclusion of "Hackensack" on Dawes' dial may be indicative of a retail trade rather than a shop location.
Mark(s):Dial inscription: "William Dawes/Hackensack".
Printed paper label on inside of trunk door "OLD TIMERS/ CLOCK REPAIRS/GRANDFATHER SPECIALISTS/ (201) 262-2788/ ORDELL, N.J."
Printed paper label for Keno Antiques on inside of proper left side of trunk.
Inscription(s):Early 19th century paper inside inscribed in ink: "Albert Zabriskie Bought this Clock the 27th Day of September 1810. Price $65" with an illegible signature beneath.
In pencil on the inside of the backboard (near paper label) "Rep by/ W. T...p..ins [sp?]/ June 21 '06." This probably refers to 1906.
Pencil inscription on inside of trunk door "Rep".