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Square Piano

Origin: America, Massachusetts, Boston
Net dimensions exclude lid, stand and projecting moldings. All dimensions in mm except where noted. Length: 1,710 mm (net 1,675 mm); Width: 660 mm (net 654 mm); Height: 860 mm (net 246 mm)
Mahogany: case veneer, hammer shanks, intermediate levers, spring guards, internal folding music desk; Spruce: soundboard; Rosewood: nameboard veneer, case crossbanding; Plain light hardwoods: action brackets, key levers, hoppers, jacks, molded key fronts, hammer-rail cap (stained); Beech: damper blocks, bridge; Ebony: sharps; Ivory: natural key tops; Leather: hammer covering, intermediate lever covers; Iron: tuning pins, harmonic swell hardware, pedal trapwork; Brass: inscription plaque, string inlay, drawer pulls, leg ferrules, leg casters, bridge pins, nut pins, hitch pins, lock plate
Gift of Mr. Kenneth McFarland
Acc. No. 2000-94,A
CASE DECORATION: The case features rounded corners, figured mahogany panels, rosewood cross-banding, and brass line stringing. A folding music rack attached to back of the nameboard, and another is integral with the lid flaps.
KEYWELL: The nameboard has rosewood veneer and brass stringing. There are trellis-pattern vents.
LID: The lid is edged with simple rounded molding and brass line stringing.
STAND AND PEDALS: The stand has an apron with three drawers and typical Babcock brass pulls. There are six turned and reeded legs with black-stained rings and brass ferrules consisting of 3 separate 7mm bands of brass; casters have knurled and gadrooned cups. There are also two similar turned and reeded pedal columns.
OCTAVES: 6 oct.
STOPS: This has two pedals, the left for dampers and the right for harmonic swell. The harmonic swell batten is missing.
Provenance:Given to CWF in 2000 by Ken McFarland, who purchased piano from a private owner in Durham, NC
Mark(s):• "475" stamped on left nameboard support, stamped and in pencil on key bed, in pencil on left key end block, in pencil on each of five rails connecting balance rail to front rail of key frame, and stamped on keys 34 and 65
• "[W?] Clark [illegible] / July 8th 1828" in pencil on right key frame member
• "Clark" in pencil on right key frame member of main and treble key frames and along front edges of both front rails
Inscription(s):"Made by A. Babcock, / for C. Hall, / NORFOLK." engraved in rectangular brass nameplate on nameboard