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Woman's pelerine or embroidered collar

Ca. 1830
Origin: Europe or America
Height: 28"; Width: 30"
Sheer cotton tabby.
Gift of Tasha Tudor.
Acc. No. 1998-229
Woman's pelerine or over-collar of fine, sheer cotton tabby, embroidered around the curving edges of the double collar and ties with feathery curving fronts stemming from fan-like base. The embroidery includes satin and buttonhole stitch.
Label:From the mid 1820s to the late 1830s, women's dresses had sleeves that were very full and wide at the shoulders, but then narrowed sharply toward the wrists. The wide sleeves served as a broad palette for displaying beautifully embroidered collars or capes, called pelerines. This example is beautifully embroidered with white cotton on sheer cotton ground fabric.
Provenance:From the collection of Tasha Tudor.