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Woman's silk stocking marked ECM

ca. 1830
Origin: Great Britain, England or America
OL 24 1/2" Foot length approx. 7 1/2"
Silk, knitted
Gift of Mr. & Mrs. Lewis Rumford, II.
Acc. No. 1983-321,1A
Cream-color silk stocking, knitted in stockinette stitch with contrasting openwork pattern knitting from the foot up to ankle. Marked in silk cross stitches, "ECM."
Label:Lacy pattern-knit stockings were especially fashionable in the 1820s. This stocking is marked ECM for Philadelphian Elizabeth Clifford Morris (1813-1892), who married Samuel Canby in 1832. The couple moved to Wilmington, Delaware after their marriage.
Provenance:Owned/Worn by Elizabeth Clifford Morris Canby (1813-1892), Philadelphia;
By descent to her great-great-granddaughter, Beatrix Rumford;
Given to CWF, 1983.

Elizabeth Clifford Morris of Philadelphia was born August 19, 1813 and died March 10, 1892. She was the daughter of Caspar Wistar Morris and Elizabeth Giles of Philadelphia. In 1832 she married Samuel Canby of Wilmington, DE and lived there the rest of her life. She was Beatrix Rumford's great, great grandmother.
Mark(s):Marked "ECM 4" at top