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Woman's watch chain, beadwork

Origin: America, New England
OL: including ribbon: 44 7/8"; OW: 3/8"
Glass beads, black silk ribbon.
Museum Purchase
Acc. No. 2002-26
Long narrow strip ending in ribbon rosette and loops, intended as a watch keeper or "chain" for a woman. The black and pink glass beads form motifs that include diamonds, keys, hearts, stylized animals, a pot of flowers, and the words "May The 6 1835" and "Ann La Rue."
Label:Beadwork was a fashionable pastime. Ann LaRue wove this watch chain on a bead loom, incorporating her name and the date "May the 6 1835." It is not known whether the date had any significance or whether this was simply the date she finished her project. Women wore chains such as this around their necks and tucked the attached watch down into a belt. Although objects such as this are often called "chains," this is not a true linked chain, but a narrow embellished ribbon or strip.
Inscription(s):"May The 6 1835"