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Book with embroidered cover: "The Whole Booke of Davids Psalmes"

Origin: England, London
OH: 4 1/8"; OW: 3 1/4"; OD: 1 1/8"
Paper, linen canvas, silk and metallic embroidery
Gift of Anonymous Donors
Acc. No. 1971-1472
Small Psalm book with embroidered canvaswork cover consisting of silk tent stitches and metallic slanted satin stitches on linen canvas. The design on the front cover is a central red and yellow pomegranate framed in ogee scrolling green vines with green and blue leaves and flowers and fruit in the corners. On the spine is a red carnation over a flower with green leaves over a butterfly. On the back cover is a scrolling vine design similar to that of the front, centered with a red and brown carnation. The book was published in London in 1635, and is entitled "The Whole Booke of Davids Psalmes, Both in Prose and Meeter." The page edges are gilt.
Label:This Psalm book was passed down in the family to Joanna Mee from her great-grandmother, who embroidered the cover for the printed volume. Joanna wrote several inscriptions inside the book: "Giving me by my Mother 1726. my Great Grandmothers work" and "Give me by my Dear & most Honnored Mother Mrs Mary Mee 1726."
Provenance:Ex coll: Tomlinson, Mrs. DeWitt Clinton Cohen.
Mark(s):Hand written inscriptions in two locations inside the book: "Give me by my Dear & most Honnored Mother Mrs Mary Mee, 1726" and "Giveing me by my Mother 1726. my Great Grandmothers work Joanne Mee her Book."