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Face jug

ca. 2004
Origin: America, North Carolina
OH: 14 5/16"; OL (ear to ear): 11 1/4"; OW (front to back): 10 3/8"
Stoneware, alkaline-glazed
Gift of Edward A. Chappell
Acc. No. 2005.900.6
Alkaline-glazed stoneware face jug with buff to brown clay covered in a brownish, greenish glaze with streaks of olive green and blue running down the front and sides of the vessel. A thick strap handle is applied to thevessel at the top of the neck on the back side and terminates just below the base of the neck. The piece is wheel-thrown and slumped slightly during the firing process towards the front (face side) because ther is more clay and therefore more weight on that side. The face is composed of two curved horns above the eyes, pointed ears, bulging white eyes with buff, unglazed irises, pronounced ridges above the eyes, a bulbous nose, thick lips with greenish white teeth and a small chin. The glaze pooled and bubbled in the proper left ear creating a foamy appearance. The piece is marked on th back with incised script writing that reads, "WA Flowers/NC"
Label:Flowers's face jug is almost completely sculptural and only nominally a vessel. The thick ash glaze that turned the teeth green and foamed in the ears makes people's reactions to this devil jug all the more visceral. The piece was thrown on the wheel and then the facial features were added.
--Inspiration and Ingenuity: American Stoneware
Exhibition curated by Suzanne Findlen Hood
At the Abby Aldrich Rockefeller Folk Art Museum
February 2007
Mark(s):Incised mark on the back "WA Flowers/NC"