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"WILLIAM PENN'S Treaty with the INDIANS, when he founded the PROVINCE of PENSYLVANIA in NORTH AMERICA 1681.

June 12, 1775
Origin: England, London
Trimmed to plate, OH: 18 3/4 x OW: 24 1/4"
Black and white line engraving
Museum Purchase
Acc. No. 1963-93
The lower margin reads: "WILLIAM PENN'S Treaty with the INDIANS, when he founded/ the PROVINCE of PENSYLVANIA in NORTH AMERICA 1681./ Benj. West Pinxit./ John Hall Sculpsit./ To the Proprietaries of the/ Province of Pensylvania, &c., &c./ This PRINT, Engraved from the Original Painting/ belonging to the late Thomas Penn Esquire,/ Is respectfully Inscribed by Their obedient humble servant/ JOHN BOYDELL./ Published June, 1775 by JOHN BOYDELL/ Engraver in Cheapside London."
Label:When Charles II granted William Penn the territory now known as Pennsylvania, Penn made the decision from the outset that he wanted to gain clear title to his land by purchasing it from the Native Americans. This scene illustrates Penn's generous and accommodating nature as he was proparing to sign the treaty with the Indians in exchange for goods and money.
Provenance:West's grandfather (on his mother's side) was a close friend and fellow settler with William Penn. Thus West had a great deal of sentiment for this subject.