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Origin: America, Massachusetts, Boston
OH: 6 1/2" x OW: 7 1/4"
Black and white etching
Museum Purchase
Acc. No. 1960-124
Lower magin reads: "EXPLANATION / I America fitting on that quarter of the globe with the Flag / of the United States difplayed over her head;holding in / one hand the Olive branch,inviting the fhips of all nations / to partake of her commerce;and in the other hand fup= / =porting the Cap of Liberty. / II Fame promclaiming the joyful news to all the world. / III Britannia weeping at the lofs of the trade of America,atten= / =ded with an evil genuis. / IV The Britifh flag ftruck, on her ftrong Fortrefses. / V French,Spanifh,Dutch&c.fhipping in the harbours of America. / VI A view of New=York,wherin is exhibited the Trator Arnold, taken / with remorfe for felling his country, and Judas like hanging himfelf."
Label:Not only does this cartoon reflect America's victory in the Revolutionary War, but it suggests the reconciliation and friendship that was extended to Britain. Although each of the figures are identified in the text beneath the image, the most dominant characterization is of America in the lower right, sitting on top of the globe extending the olive branch in one hand and supporting the liberty cap in the other.

This print appeared in Weatherwise's Town & Country Almanac. This satire is only one of a few that appeared in an American Publication. Not only does the designer celebrate the triumph of America, but more important he depicts the overtures of reconciliation and friendship tendered by the colonies to the defeated mother country. The figures are numbered and a full explanation appears at the bottom.

This copy published in Joan D. Dolmetsch, "Rebellion and Reconciliation: Satirical Prints on the Revolution at Williamsburg" (Williamsburg, VA: Colonial Williamsburg Foundation, 1976), plate 90, p. 192.