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A Noblewoman of Pomeiock

Origin: Europe, Germany, Frankfurt
OH: 16 1/4" x OW: 13 (framed) Unframed: OH: 12 7/8" x OW: 9 3/8"; Plate H: 5 7/8" x W: 8 3/8"
Black and white line engraving
Museum Purchase
Acc. No. 1983-286,8
Plate 7 from Theodore de Bry's Grand Voyages.

The upper margin reads: "VII./ Ein edel Weib von Pomeiooc."
Label:Promotional pamphlets and published histories and accounts leave little doubt that English colonists initially came to America with the intention of imposing their culture and technology on the Native population. The doll and rattle that the child is holding are English-made toys that suggested the Native's willingness to trade. The text accompanying DeBry's illustrations noted that the Indians were "greatly delighted with puppets and babies which were brought out of England."