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Origin: China, Jingdezhen
W: 2 1/2" H: 1 1/2"
Porcelain, hard-paste
Colonial Williamsburg Foundation
Acc. No. T125-2013,13
Fragment of a handless teacup excavated from the site of the Dr. Barraud House, 10FA
Label:Although made in China, this teacup is an exact copy of a cup produced by the Meissen porcelain factory near Dresden in what is now Germany. The Chinese potters even copied the Meissen mark on the bottom of the cup. The Meissen cup was in turn copied from a Chinese porcelain pattern inspired by a blending of designs taken from Persian pottery and Japanese porcelain. An excellent illustration of the transmission of style, this teacup was owned and used in Williamsburg, where it was excavated from the site of the Dr. Barraud House.