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ca. 1735
Origin: China, Jingdezhen
Diam: 6 11/2" H: 9"
Porcelain, hard-paste
Gift of Mrs. Robert McNeil, Jr.
Acc. No. 1975-20,1A&B
One of two Chinese porcelain pear-shaped covered jugs in the collection decorated in gold, overglaze blue, iron red and black opaque enamels with the arms of Hanbury with Comyn in pretense. The sides are covered in intricate gilt grapevines and a large, 3 1/2" by 5" coat of arms with crest appears under the beak spout, opposite the handle. The arms feature a bend in turquoise edged in black and iron red bands on a gold ground. The scrolled edges of the shield are highlighted in iron red. The crest is a left-facing lion holding an ax or halberd in both paws. He sits in a black, three toothed crenelated crown. The rim bears a gold star diaper band and the simple handle is pierced on top with a hole for mounting a lid, though none seems to have been applied judging by the lack of staining or wear. The jug sits on a slightly spreading foot. The low domed lid is decorated with matching lip band and all over with the gilt vines. An extension covers the spout and opposite, a vent hole/lid mounting hole is pierced through.
Label:This jug is one of two in the collection that were part of a large dinner service originally owned by John Hanbury (1700–1758). The pieces were part of a made to order or bespoke service decorated with an elaborate coat of arms. The main arms are those which belonged to Hanbury, and the smaller arms in the center are those of Anna Osgood’s family. John Hanbury was a prominent English Quaker merchant who had extensive dealings with tobacco growers in Virginia and Maryland. The lids and handles are pierced for metal mounts that were never installed.
Provenance:Robert McNeil, Jr.