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ca. 1730
Origin: China, Jingdezhen
Diameter: 9"
Porcelain, hard-paste
Bequest of Miss Martha B. D. Spotswood
Acc. No. 1981-80
Chinese export porcelain plate decorated in underglaze blue, iron red enamel, and gilding. The well is decorated with two red and gilt auspicious crabs and a cash coin between. Offset flowering peonies and pine sprigs arch from the rim into the well.
Label:The design on this plate is the same as the one on the dish with opaque enamels, also shown in the exhibition, which matches archaeological evidence from Stratford Hall and several other locations in the South. This example was likely owned by Alexander Spotswood at his home, Porto Bello, in Orange County.
Provenance:Miss Martha B.D. Spotswood, Petersburg, VA

Formerly belonged to Governor Alexander Spotswood's grandson, John Spotswood and his wife, Sally Rowzie Spotswood.