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ca. 1780
Origin: China, Jingdezhen
OD: 8 3/4"
Porcelain, hard-paste
Gift of Charles and Kay Ridinger
Acc. No. 2012-57
Chinese porcelain plate decorated with floral sprigs in opaque white, pink, turquoise, green, blue and black enamels. One sprig is at 11:00, one at 2:00, and the large one spreads between 5:00 and 7:00. The rim is painted with a black crosshatch border on a 1/4 inch turquoise ground.

Label:This type of plate came to epitomize Chinese porcelain in America around the time of the Revolution. Soon after the war, America began direct trade with China. The sparse decoration was in keeping with neoclassical design. This plate is one of several with a history of ownership in the Jones family of Philadelphia.
Provenance:Mr. and Mrs. Charles W. Ridinger, III