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Appliqué Wreath and Princess Plumes Quilt

Origin: America, Pennsylvania, Franklin County
OH: 98 x 98" (249 x 249 cm)
Plain and printed cottons with cotton embroidery threads
Gift of Harry and Sandra Fisher
Acc. No. 2008.609.1
This is an appliquéd quilt consisting of sixteen blocks of appliquéd red and green floral wreaths with red rosettes, or sunflowers, around the edges with nine white blocks set on point. It is bordered on all four sides in an undulating green leafy vine. The quilt is signed in red cross stitches "CR" and dated "1849." The white blocks between the wreaths are quilted in 9-10 running stitches per inch in patterns of curving leaves, or princess plumes, and floral wreaths. The border is quilted in pairs of parallel lines. The plain cotton backing is rolled to the front to create a binding.
Label:According to the family history, two Pennsylvania sisters made quilts in 1849 for their nephews, Jacob Henry and John Emmanuel Hade. Each sister signed her initials and the date on her quilt in fine cross stitches. This exuberant quilt, appliquéd in brilliant red and green, was signed CR and dated 1849. Christiann Rauch combined sixteen traditional floral wreaths of red and green with red rosettes or sunflowers around the edges and a border of an undulating green leafy vine. The white spaces between the wreaths are expertly hand quilted with curving leaves, or princess plumes, and floral wreaths. The two quilts remain together to this day; the sister's tulip appliqué quilt is also in Colonial Williamsburg's collection.
Provenance:According to donor, "The two quilts [2008.609.1 & 2] were made by sisters Sarah Christiann and Mary Rauch for their nephews Jacob Henry and John Emmanuel Hade....The Rauch and Hade families lived in Greencastle." (Letter dated June 13, 2008).
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