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Origin: America, Virginia, Caroline County
OH: 29 1/2"l OW: 19" OD: 16"; Diam: 14 1/2"
Black walnut
Museum Purchase, The Sara and Fred Hoyt Furniture Fund
Acc. No. 2011-119
Candlestand with round top attached to a hexagonal block above a flaring hexagonal post supported by three shaped feet with flat sides.
Label:This simple candle stand has a hexagonal pedestal and flat sawn legs rather than the decorative turned pedestals found on most stands and tea tables of the period. The maker may not have had had access to a lathe, the tool used to turn wood into rounded shapes. The stand appears in turn-of-the-century photographs of a second floor chamber at Bowling Green Farm.

This stand descended in the Hoomes, Maury, and White families of Bowling Green Farm in Caroline County, Virginia. It remained in the house until 2012. Because of its history at Bowling Green, the stand can be placed in a specific geographical context—a rarity for such utilitarian furniture. While we may not know the name of the artisan who made this piece, the craftsman most likely worked in the adjacent town of Bowling Green or the surrounding area of Caroline County, Virginia.

Provenance:Descended in the Hoomes, Maury, and White families of Bowling Green Farm in Bowling Green, Virginia.