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Book fragment: Title page, dedication page, &

Origin: London, England
OH: 11 3/8" Opened W: 17 1/8"
Black & white line engraving and letterpress.
Gift of an Anonymous Donor
Acc. No. 1998-14
Title page, dedication page, and portrait fro from George Edward's GLEANINGS OF NATURAL HISTORY, London...
Label:Among the few pages contained in this book fragment from George Edwards’s Gleanings of Natural History are the title page, a page with his portrait, and a page inscribed by Edwards to Peter Collinson, fellow of the Royal Society and well-known patron of 18th-century natural history studies. The inscription reads, “From the Author To his much esteemed Friend Peter Collinson Esqr, F.R.S.”
Provenance:Purchased by donor from Robert Hunter at Period Designs, Yorktown, Virginia.